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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

  • Asta's son wakes up—still on the forest floor—when he hears a sound.
  • Wondering what it is, he creeps to the edge of a clearing, where he sees John Aycliffe with another man.
  • Proving the old adage that eavesdroppers hear nothing good, he overhears a mysterious conversation in which he learns that somebody's in danger from something, so something has to be done about that something right away. Ah, a mystery. What are all these somethings, and who is in danger from them?
  • Wouldn't you know, Asta's son's troubles aren't over because Aycliffe sees him, and in what seems like a serious overreaction, chases him over the edge of a cliff with a torch and sword.
  • Luckily it's a short cliff, so Asta's son is okay, but he decides to just lie there for a little while and wait for some more of God's punishments for his sins. Seems legit.
  • Here's a historical point to note: Everything that happens, the characters put down to God's will. Like, everything. That's the medieval mindset for you—everything is within the plan of God. That total lack of a belief in any kind of free will is helpful when you're oppressing peasants. Just ask John Aycliffe.

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