Study Guide

Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 22

By Avi

Chapter 22

  • After tying Crispin to a tree so he won't escape, Bear goes off to try to catch some dinner.
  • Crispin does try to escape, but he's unsuccessful.
  • Bear at last returns with a rabbit—more meat than Crispin has ever had at one time—and as they eat, Bear tells Crispin about some of his adventures.
  • It turns out Bear knew Lord Furnival when he was a soldier.
  • Crispin asks what Lord Furnival was like, and to hear Bear tell it, he was a total jerk.
  • Great Wexly, where they're headed, is Lord Furnival's main home.
  • Bear decides he needs to learn more about Crispin.

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