Study Guide

Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 30

By Avi

Chapter 30

  • Bear and Crispin enter the village of Lodgecot, where they gain the approval of the priest to perform.
  • Bear claims that he and Crispin are father and son and pilgrims on their way to Canterbury.
  • During the performance, Bear teases a young man with one eye by juggling with his mazer, or drinking bowl.
  • As they pray in the church afterward, the priest informs them that a notorious murderer is about—a young boy who went mad and stole money and killed a priest—so now they know Crispin is blamed for Father Quinel's murder.
  • Further, a messenger from Lord Furnival named du Brey came to say that Lord Furnival is home from France but in bad shape.

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