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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

  • Bear asks the Widow Daventry for the special room he gets whenever he's in town. We get it: We like a room with a nice view and a free snack bar, too.
  • Turns out that's not what's special about this room, though. When Bear and the Widow Daventry take Crispin upstairs, Bear shows him a secret hiding place concealed in the wall. Now why would Bear need that?
  • Telling Crispin to stay in the room, Bear and the Widow Daventry give Crispin probably the best meal of his life, broth with meat and bread in it.
  • However Bear clearly doesn't think through the fact that he just brought a kid with a penny in his pocket to the first city he's ever seen and told him to stay in the room.
  • Figuring what happens in Great Wexly stays in Great Wexly, Crispin decides to go out on the town.

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