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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

  • Crispin spends the afternoon wandering around Great Wexly and continuing to be overawed by the big city.
  • Finally he comes to the town square, where all the nice shops are; the square is anchored by two large buildings, one of which is a cathedral.
  • Crispin overcomes his fear of the soldiers outside and enters the cathedral, where he sinks to his knees in awe of its size and opulence.
  • Somebody else is on his knees in the cathedral, though we didn't really have him pegged as the praying type.
  • It's John Aycliffe, our evil steward, and he's accompanied by lots of guards.
  • Aycliffe turns around, catching sight of Crispin.
  • He sets the guards on him, natch, so Crispin runs through the streets, looking for Bear…
  • But he gets blocked by a tall man.

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