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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

  • Crispin is trapped by two men, but he manages to get free, losing Bear's dagger in the process.
  • He continues running until he physically can't do it anymore, but fortunately he seems to have evaded Aycliffe's men.
  • Crispin decides he'll try to get out of the city and strike out on his own, figuring Bear will never forgive him for leaving the room and losing the dagger.
  • Only trouble is, everything about the city looks the same.
  • Crispin figures if he can get to the city walls, he can follow them until he comes to a gate.
  • This seems like a good plan, except by the time he gets to a gate, it's being closed until the next morning.
  • The town is also under the evening curfew, which is enforced by soldiers in Furnival colors.
  • Crispin thinks it's weird that Aycliffe's men and Lord Furnival's men wear the same livery, or uniform, but then he remembers that Aycliffe and Lady Furnival are related.
  • As he's trying to evade the curfew, Crispin hears his name called by a large man and runs away.

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