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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • The sound of the church bell wakes Asta's son the next morning.
  • He decides to creep back to the one-room hut where he lived with his mother, but before he can get there, he sees the reeve and the bailiff tear it down and set it on fire. Thanks, guys.
  • Deciding maybe it's not such a great idea to go back to the village, Asta's son climbs to the top of a high rock, where he can see the manor spread out before him.
  • Now we get a clear description of a Medieval manor, complete with fields, manor house, church, and grazing land. Oh, and gallows. Of course there's a gallows.
  • Asta's son describes how it all belongs to Lord Furnival, and they all have to be good little serfs if they want to go to heaven and if they want Lord Furnival to protect them from scary monsters like Scots and Danes.
  • Asta's son is not feeling particularly protected right at this moment.

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