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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

  • The Widow Daventry spies Crispin at the top of the stairs and calls to him that he's supposed to be in the kitchen.
  • Crispin thinks that's weird because no one told him this.
  • When she gets him into the kitchen, Widow Daventry tells him he needs to stay out of sight; she sets him to taking pies in and out of the oven to bake.
  • When she's gone, one falls on the floor and Crispin eats it.
  • The Widow Daventry is a hard one to fool, though, and she knows he ate the pie, but it's cool as long as he doesn't eat any more.
  • With all her customers gone, the Widow Daventry has Crispin help her clear the tables.
  • While they work, she tells him that Bear's a good guy and Crispin is lucky to have him as a master.
  • She tells him he can return the favor by keeping Bear's mind on his music and juggling—and off of rebellion.

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