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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

  • Crispin scrambles back into the garden and bursts through the back door, where he finds John Ball, Bear, and six other men meeting.
  • He yells that the soldiers are coming, and the meeting breaks up in a hurry.
  • Everyone runs out the back way, and Bear takes charge, lifting everyone over the wall; Crispin is the last to go.
  • Once he lands on the other side of the wall, Crispin stops to listen and hears Bear being taken prisoner.
  • Unable to leave Bear to his fate, Crispin scurries back over the wall. Everyone is gone, though, and inside, everything has been overturned.
  • At the front door, Crispin runs into a soldier, who unsuccessfully tries to catch him. Either Crispin is really wily, or all the bad guys are really inept. Just sayin'.
  • Crispin runs off, wondering how to free Bear.

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