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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

  • Crispin chases Bear and the soldiers guarding him through the streets of Great Wexly until they disappear into the large building opposite the cathedral.
  • Crispin asks what the building is, and a man tells him it's the Furnivals' palace.
  • He spies Aycliffe looking out a palace window and realizes they've taken Bear in order to get to him.
  • Not sure what to do, Crispin returns to the Green Man.
  • He goes up to the room he shared with Bear and lies down to think about what to do.
  • Below, he hears a commotion and decides it would be best to get out of sight.
  • He hides in the secret compartment just before guards burst in; when all is quiet once more, he emerges and hears someone crying downstairs.

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