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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

  • Widow Daventry brings some food upstairs to Crispin and apologizes for being angry with him—it's not him she was angry at so much as the overall situation, which is a major bummer.
  • Crispin asks her to read what his cross says.
  • She says she doesn't have to because Bear told her: "Crispin—son of Furnival."
  • She goes on to tell him what she believes to be true. His mother was the youngest daughter of Lord Douglas. Lord Furnival became infatuated with her and took her to Stromford against her will, abandoning her there when she became pregnant and making sure she never left.
  • Now Lady Furnival sees Crispin as a threat, someone who could challenge her for the wealth her husband left behind.
  • Widow Daventry tells Crispin his noble blood is the reason Lady Furnival and John Aycliffe want him dead.
  • She advises him to get out of Great Wexly and never come back.

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