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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 56

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Chapter 56

  • Crispin confronts Aycliffe with the knowledge that he is Lord Furnival's son, which Aycliffe tries to deny.
  • He tries to take Crispin's cross of lead, too, but Crispin continues to accuse him of various crimes, including the murder of Father Quinel.
  • Crispin says that if Aycliffe will let Bear go, they will leave Great Wexly and Lady Furnival will never have to worry about Crispin making a claim to her property.
  • Aycliffe tries to call the guards, but Crispin gets the better of him with the dagger.
  • Aycliffe and Crispin make a trade: Aycliffe swears to let Crispin and Bear go free, and in return, Crispin swears never to claim that he is Lord Furnival's son and to give Aycliffe the cross once he is out of the city.
  • Aycliffe begins to lead Crispin to Bear.

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