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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

  • Aycliffe leads Crispin out of the great hall, down a flight of steps, and through several rooms in which food is stored and people are sleeping.
  • They descend again, and it becomes very cold; Aycliffe orders a guard to take them to Bear.
  • When they reach Bear's cell, Aycliffe allows Crispin to take a light and go in to see Bear.
  • Bear has been roughed up, to say the least, and doesn't seem to understand that Crispin is here to save him.
  • When Crispin finally gets Bear on his feet, he demands clothes and water for Bear.
  • Aycliffe provides it, but then he and Crispin have a standoff about when and where Crispin will turn over the cross of lead.
  • Finally Aycliffe relents, and guards lead Bear and Crispin up the stairs and out of the palace.
  • They head toward the city walls, but Crispin doubts whether they will really be allowed to leave.

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