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Crispin: Cross of Lead Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Crispin hides throughout the day, pondering everything the priest told him.
  • At nightfall, he goes to Goodwife Peregrine's cottage.
  • Before he can get there, though, a boy named Cerdic intercepts him and tells him Father Quinel couldn't come.
  • Unwilling to trust Cerdic, Crispin goes to Goodwife Peregrine anyway.
  • She is also surprised that Father Quinel isn't there, but she gives Crispin a leather pouch and says some (magic?) words over him. She also gives him bread for the journey.
  • Cerdic says the steward is offering a reward of twenty shillings for Crispin's capture, which is half a year's wages.
  • Goodwife Peregrine just about pushes him out of her cottage.

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