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Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 10

By Alan Paton

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Chapter 10

  • Kumalo is enjoying spending time with his little nephew, Gertrude's child. He likes hanging out with the kiddo because he misses his own son.
  • Msimangu comes to lead Kumalo to Shanty Town, where they're hoping to track down Absalom.
  • They find out that Absalom used to live there, but he got into some legal trouble.
  • A judge sent Absalom to some kind of reform school, which is where they head next.
  • When they reach the reform school, Msimangu asks about Absalom Kumalo, and the desk guy says that Absalom left about a month ago.
  • Apparently, they let him go early for his good behavior—and also because he got a girl pregnant, so he has responsibilities to take care of.
  • The desk guy offers to drive Kumalo to see Absalom.
  • A girl answers the door at the house where Absalom is supposedly staying and tells them that Absalom went to the town of Springs on Sunday and hasn't been back in three days. Not a good sign.
  • The girl (who is pregnant with Absalom's child) doesn't expect him to return.
  • Apparently, Absalom hasn't shown up to work in a week, either. Dun dun dun.

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