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Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 11

By Alan Paton

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Chapter 11

  • Msimangu has to go the next day to give a service to the blind at a nearby Mission House.
  • He thinks Kumalo should tag along to have a rest before they continue the search for Absalom.
  • That night at the Mission House, Kumalo hears the news that a well-known and respected white engineer, Arthur Jarvis, has been shot in his home.
  • The local police think that three black men broke into Jarvis's house expecting it to be empty because the burglars knocked out a servant working in the kitchens, but he survived the attack.
  • If the servant regains consciousness, he may be able to give evidence about the identity of the murderers.
  • When Jarvis heard noise from the burglars and came to see what was happening, one of the men (allegedly) shot him.
  • The night that Jarvis was killed, he was working on a manuscript called "The Truth about Native Crime."
  • Kumalo tells Msimangu that this news fills his heart with fear, but Msimangu comforts him: maybe their trip tomorrow will make him feel better.

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