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Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 13

By Alan Paton

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Chapter 13

  • Kumalo and Msimangu head over to the house for the blind at Ezenzeleni.
  • There, Kumalo sits under a tree and thinks about Absalom and his future grandchild.
  • He decides that it can't be possible that his son actually killed this white man, Arthur Jarvis, even though it's definitely starting to look that way.
  • Ever the hopeful guy, Kumalo thinks he and his wife can still rebuild their family back in Ndotsheni.
  • But then he realizes that "the tribe was broken" (13.14) and will never be fixed again. Welp, that's a big ol' bummer if Shmoop's ever seen one.
  • His mope fest is interrupted when Msimangu calls Kumalo in to see the facility at Ezenzeleni. Blind people work there making baskets, which Kumalo finds impressive and empowering.
  • As he listens to Msimangu preach to these people, Kumalo feels uplifted by Msimangu's message of hope and faith in God.

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