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Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 17

By Alan Paton

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Chapter 17

  • Kumalo asks Mrs. Lithebe if there is anywhere nearby for Absalom's girl to stay.
  • Mrs. Lithebe offers to take her in, but she'll have to sleep on the floor of the living room.
  • While he's glad to add a new member to the family, Kumalo can't help but notice that his money is starting to get tight.
  • At the prison, Absalom tells Kumalo that the two men who were with him during the burglary are swearing that they weren't there.
  • Absalom is super grateful that Kumalo is arranging for a lawyer and that he will be able to marry his (still nameless!) girlfriend even while he is in jail.
  • Back at the Mission House, Kumalo meets with a lawyer named Mr. Carmichael, who agrees to take Absalom's case for free.
  • He thinks it's super important that Kumalo confirms Absalom's account of what happened: that be broke into the house with these two other dudes, that Arthur Jarvis surprised him in the middle of a burglary, and that Absalom fired the gun at Arthur Jarvis by accident—out of fear.
  • While Kumalo's busy doing that, Mr. Carmichael will do his own research.

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