Study Guide

Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 19

By Alan Paton

Chapter 19

  • At the airport, there is a young man waiting for Jarvis and his wife, Margaret. It's John Harrison, the brother of Arthur's wife Mary.
  • He leads the Jarvises to the Harrisons' house to see Mary and their grandchildren.
  • John and Mary's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, are also hanging out.
  • After they all visit the mortuary, Margaret goes off with Mary so that the two women can grieve together.
  • Harrison (the father, not John) tells Jarvis that there have been lots of condolence messages coming in from public officials and charities.
  • He also mentions that Arthur's advocacy for native rights got him into trouble at his job, since his bosses were worried that he would damage their profits.
  • But Arthur planned to keep working for better social conditions in South Africa, no matter what.
  • (Why is Mr. Harrison bringing all of this stuff up about Arthur's social reform now, when Jarvis has just seen the body of his murdered son? Mr. Harrison = definitely not the most tactful guy in the world.)
  • Jarvis goes up to bed, where he and Margaret hold onto each other and wonder how this could have happened to Arthur.

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