Study Guide

Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 22

By Alan Paton

Chapter 22

  • The narrator reminds us that judges have to carry out the law, even if those laws aren't fair. That's the way it works, Shmoopers.
  • The three burglars (Absalom, his cousin Matthew Kumalo, and a third guy named Johannes Pafuri) appear in court.
  • Absalom pleads not guilty to murder, since his defense is that he shot Arthur unintentionally, out of surprise.
  • Then the prosecutor asks Absalom a bunch of questions about how they came to rob the house on that particular night.
  • Absalom makes it sound like most of this was Johannes Pafuri's idea, but he does admit that he was the one who was carrying the gun, to scare the servant.
  • He also says that he, Matthew, and Johannes all went to Mrs. Mkize's house after the killing to figure out their next move.
  • The prosecutor tells Absalom that the other two swear they were nowhere near Absalom during this whole thing.
  • But Absalom sticks by his story. He is sincerely sorry for everything that has happened, and we totally believe him.

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