Study Guide

Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 26

By Alan Paton

Chapter 26

  • John Kumalo speaks out, demanding a bigger share of gold for black South Africans.
  • But what John doesn't demand is fair treatment or the right to vote for these black citizens.
  • All he wants—all he cares about—is getting more money.
  • Kumalo and Msimangu agree that John is a fantastic speaker, but that he is also weak and corrupt. Pro tip, Shmoopers: that's never a good combo.
  • John Harrison and James Jarvis also attend John Kumalo's speech—and Jarvis isn't impressed.
  • The police captain watching the speech tells his boss that John Kumalo is someone they should watch out for: he's got a lot of power.
  • Meanwhile, there's a small labor strike among the black workers at the mines, but it doesn't change anything.

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