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Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 3

By Alan Paton

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Chapter 3

  • The chapter opens with a lovely description of the train passing through the valley where Kumalo lives.
  • But all you really need to know about the start of this chapter is that Kumalo is waiting for the train to Johannesburg.
  • Oh, and he's worried about his sister's illness.
  • There's a dude on the train platform with Kumalo, and soon enough he asks our guy a favor: can the reverend please check up on the daughter of a man named Sibeko?
  • She's supposed to be working as a maid in Johannesburg, but she hasn't sent word back home in a while.
  • Kumalo promises to see what he can do, so the man thanks Kumalo several times.
  • Kumalo's just like, hey man, I'm happy to help someone in trouble—no worries!
  • Inside, though, Kumalo is freaking out about all of his own family members (sister, brother, son) who have disappeared into the city.
  • He settles down in his seat as the train sets off for Johannesburg.

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