Study Guide

Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 30

By Alan Paton

Chapter 30

  • Kumalo arrives back in Ndotsheni with his new daughter-in-law and his nephew.
  • He explains to his wife that Absalom has been condemned to death and that Gertrude has disappeared.
  • While all of the people in the village welcome Kumalo happily, it's plain to see that times are tough back home. There's a drought going on, and there's no corn.
  • Also, somehow, everybody already knows about poor Absalom. Still, they call upon Kumalo to say a prayer for them.
  • Kumalo tells a friend of his about all of his bad news, and the friend does his best to comfort him. At least the girl, Absalom's wife, seems contented in Ndotsheni.

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