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Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 31

By Alan Paton

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Chapter 31

  • Kumalo knows he's got to do something to help Ndotsheni. This village is in dire straits.
  • So he goes to the local chief to suggest that they teach their young people how to farm in school. That way, the kids won't just ditch Ndotsheni for Johannesburg where all kinds of bad stuff goes down.
  • The chief promises to talk to the school inspector and the magistrate, but he doesn't sound too hopeful. It's a long shot for sure.
  • So then, Kumalo heads over to the school headmaster to make the same suggestion. But the headmaster says his school doesn't have any power.
  • Back at home, Kumalo sees a small white boy hanging around. This kid is clearly Arthur Jarvis's son. (Remember, the Jarvis family has a farm near Ndotsheni.)
  • Kumalo explains to the boy that there is no milk in Ndotsheni because the people are poor. Some of the local children are even dying from a lack of milk.
  • That evening, a delivery comes to Kumalo from Jarvis. It's a load of milk for the sick kids of Ndotsheni.

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