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Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 36

By Alan Paton

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Chapter 36

  • It's the day before Absalom's execution, and Kumalo decides to hike up the mountain. That's his usual M.O. when something's really troubling him.
  • On his way, Kumalo bumps into Jarvis, who's got a letter about plans for renovating the church, which Kumalo will give to his Bishop.
  • Jarvis plans to move permanently to Johannesburg with his grandchildren, so Kumalo takes the opportunity to thank Jarvis for everything that he has given Ndotsheni.
  • At the mountaintop, Kumalo reflects on all of his regrets and all of the things he is grateful for.
  • Kumalo knows that he will die long before peace comes to South Africa, because there is so much fear among the people.
  • Soon enough he falls asleep.
  • Just before dawn, Kumalo wakes up on the mountaintop and realizes that it is nearly time for his son's execution.
  • Kumalo prays as the sun rises. Elsewhere, Shmoop sobs.

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