Study Guide

Cutting for Stone Chapter 15: Crookedness of the Serpent

By Abraham Verghese

Chapter 15: Crookedness of the Serpent

  • Almaz, Ghosh's maid, alerts him that one of the babies has stopped breathing, and he runs to Hema's bungalow, where the babies live.
  • Shiva has been having trouble breathing while he sleeps. He has to be woken up and reminded to breathe, which is pretty stressful for Hema.
  • Ghosh devises a plan: he puts bells on the baby's foot to let them know when there's a problem, since the bell will stop moving if Shiva stops breathing.
  • Hema and Ghosh settle into a little family life as they keep watch over Shiva for several weeks.
  • Ghosh has to take over almost all medical duties, since both Stone and Hema are out of commission.