Study Guide

Cutting for Stone Chapter 19: Giving Dogs Their Due

By Abraham Verghese

Chapter 19: Giving Dogs Their Due

  • In 1963, the boys are driving with Ghosh into town and are made to pull over because the emperor's motorcade is coming through.
  • An old woman calls the emperor a thief and throws a shoe at his Rolls Royce; his guards beat her brutally.
  • Back at Missing, the dog Koochooloo has puppies, but Matron has ordered them to be killed because the hospital can't afford to keep them.
  • The boys get home and see that Gebrew and a taxi driver have devised a hideous plan to kill the pups by putting them in a bag and tying it to an exhaust pipe so that they'll suffocate. Koochooloo, their mother, goes nuts trying to save her babies.
  • The boys freak out, but Hema says that Koochooloo will forget the babies.
  • Shiva breaks his long silence to ask Hema if she would forget it someone killed Marion or him.
  • Now that Shiva speaks, he and Marion are no longer one unit; they're beginning to have their own identities.