Study Guide

Cutting for Stone Chapter 20: Blind Man's Buff

By Abraham Verghese

Chapter 20: Blind Man's Buff

  • During summer vacation, it rains like crazy, which bums out Marion.
  • Genet wants to play "blind man's buff," so she and the boys pass the time that way.
  • Marion has a special power of scent, and he can always find Genet in a heartbeat. This infuriates her.
  • One night, Ghosh and Hema have to leave to help the princess deliver her baby.
  • Alone in the house, Genet leads Marion on a new version of blind man's buff, which involves him finding her naked in the pantry and kissing her.
  • Rosina, Genet's mother, catches Genet and Marion and yells at them. Genet defends herself by saying that Rosina isn't married to Genet's father, Sergeant Zemui, so Genet can do what she wants, too.