Study Guide

Cutting for Stone Chapter 23: The Afterbird and Other Animals

By Abraham Verghese

Chapter 23: The Afterbird and Other Animals

  • One day, Hema announces that the boys will stay home from school because of trouble in the city.
  • It turns out that Ghosh's friend Mebratu (now a general) has engineered a coup, arresting ministers loyal to the emperor. (This is loosely based on reality.)
  • Rosina leaves Genet and goes to find Zemui, whom she hasn't seen in a week.
  • Since the boys can't go to school, Hema says they can go with her to the Version Clinic, which is something she's never allowed them to do before.
  • The pregnant women at the clinic spoil Shiva and Marion rotten while they wait for Hema to come and flip their unborn babies into proper birthing position.
  • Shiva is very interested in the whole sex-and-pregnancy situation, but Hema shoos him away without answering his questions.