Study Guide

Cutting for Stone Chapter 26: The Face of Suffering

By Abraham Verghese

Chapter 26: The Face of Suffering

  • The boys find out that Ghosh is gone when they get home from school and find Hema sick. It turns out that the water poisoning was just a rumor, and quick as a whistle, Hema is "cured."
  • Everyone gets in the car to go to the prison to try to get information about Ghosh.
  • A prison guard passes a secret message to Matron saying that Ghosh is alive and that they can bring him a blanket, money, and a dish of food for him the next morning. They do so, but they leave the boys at home with Rosina and Genet.
  • A man comes to the house asking for Zemui's motorcycle. He beats Rosina and Genet, but then has a hard time starting the bike.
  • Shiva and Marion trick him, telling him to ride it as fast as possible down the hill. Dude crashes over a wall, and when Marion goes to check on him, he accidentally shoots him while trying to pull his gun out of his belly, where it was lodged.
  • Dude is totally dead.
  • Rosina tells the children to carry the dead man up to an area of the yard that is full of quicksand, and, well, the body disappears.
  • Rosina tells the children they can't tell anyone what just happened.