Study Guide

Cutting for Stone Chapter 29: Abu Kassem's Slippers

By Abraham Verghese

Chapter 29: Abu Kassem's Slippers

  • The hospital staff throws a party for Ghosh's homecoming, and an officer comes looking for his brother, who it turns out was the one who tried to take Zemui's motorcycle.
  • Everyone is terrified that the officer will find the body, but nothing happens: they get away with the murder. Marion is so upset he pukes afterward.
  • Hema and Ghosh discuss leaving Ethiopia because it has become so dangerous.
  • Genet climbs into bed on top of Marion and asks him whether he's confessed the murder to Ghosh. She pees on him so that he won't forget his promise to keep the secret—which is an unusual tactic, if you ask us.
  • Ghosh comes to find out what the fuss is about, and Marion pretends that he's had an accident.