Study Guide

Cutting for Stone Chapter 34: A Time to Reap

By Abraham Verghese

Chapter 34: A Time to Reap

  • Marion studies for a big exam in order to get into medical school, but Shiva isn't worried about school: he wants to drop out.
  • Genet asks Shiva to tell her about his sexual conquests, which is distracting for Marion.
  • Marion leaves and goes for a walk. When he comes back, Rosina attacks him, but he doesn't know why.
  • Finally, Rosina explains: Genet has lost her virginity, and Rosina is sure that it was Marion that she slept with.
  • Marion is absolutely brokenhearted. He knows it was Shiva Genet slept with.
  • Rosina performs another ceremony on Genet, this time female circumcision. Hema is infuriated and tries to save Genet from the infection that results from the awful procedure.
  • Marion stays with Genet until she finally gets better, and everyone thinks that he's the one who brought all this upon her by sleeping with her.
  • Marion and Shiva quit speaking and no longer share a room.
  • Rosina hangs herself, probably out of guilt for having almost killed her daughter with the circumcision.