Study Guide

Cutting for Stone Chapter 50: Slit the Thew

By Abraham Verghese

Chapter 50: Slit the Thew

  • Marion buys a house, and a woman shows up there: it's Genet.
  • Genet says that Tsige sent her to ask for his forgiveness.
  • Genet is clearly sick, and Marion takes care of her.
  • After Genet's had a bath, some medicine, and a nap, Marion decides to finally fulfill his goal of losing his virginity to her.
  • Marion doesn't use a condom, and he ignores her when she asks him to stop. PSA: that's not okay.
  • The next day, Marion insists that Genet tell him why she went to jail. It's because she was married and, when her husband cheated on her, she tried to kill him and his lover.