Study Guide

Cutting for Stone Chapter 51: The Devil's Choice

By Abraham Verghese

Chapter 51: The Devil's Choice

  • Marion doesn't see Genet again. He feels like a fool.
  • Marion gets sick a few weeks later and finds out from a private investigator that Genet had tuberculosis in prison.
  • Marion is so bad that he ends up in the hospital. Dr. Stone sends a cable to Hema telling her to come.
  • Hema and Shiva fly to the U.S., and Stone tells them that Marion has hepatitis B. He must have caught it from Genet.
  • Stone apologizes to Hema for having abandoned his children.
  • Marion is in bad shape and is getting worse. Shiva proposes an experimental surgery in which they would take part of his liver and transplant it to his brother. It's possible because they are identical twins, and Marion's body won't reject the cells as foreign.
  • Shiva convinces the doctors to try it.