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Cymbeline, King of Britain Act 3, Scene 2

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Act 3, Scene 2

Read the full text of Cymbeline Act 3 Scene 2 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • Mail call: Pisanio reads a letter aloud to us from Posthumus. In it, his master accuses Imogen of adultery.
  • Pisanio can't believe it, but he follows his master's orders. He's supposed to deliver a letter to Imogen with instructions for her to leave the palace. Then he's supposed to murder her.
  • Yup. It just got real.
  • Well, Imogen walks right in. She's excited at the news that a letter has come from her husband. She reads that she is supposed to meet him in Cambria at Milford-Haven (in Wales). She can't believe it; she can't want to see him again.
  • Pisanio and Imogen decide that that Imogen will need to pretend she is sick. She'll retreat to her room so no one will notice she's gone.

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