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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 12

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 12

  • The World's Most Dysfunctional Birthday Party Ever gets moved to the hospital. As they wait for news about Granddaddy Opal, Miracle thinks about how all this is her fault. If she hadn't danced, maybe Dane and her mother would have made it back. Or maybe it wasn't the right time for them to come. Or maybe they're not coming at all.
  • She sits with Emmaline while they wait, who tells her that they have to wait through this hard time and Granddaddy Opal will be all right. Miracle remembers that Dane always used to talk about waiting through hard times.
  • The doctor says Granddaddy Opal is fine and just had a mild heart attack; everyone goes back to visit him. He'll have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days, but with his house destroyed by the tornado, he's not sure what happens after that.
  • Emmaline offers to have Granddaddy Opal, Gigi, and Miracle come stay at her house, but Gigi won't have it. After the shenanigans with Miracle's dance lessons, she says they'll either be staying at the gift shop or with her boss; Miracle is afraid they'll end up saying with Eugene.
  • She goes to get Granddaddy Opal a soda and thinks about how nice it would be to live with him and Emmaline in her fine house. When she comes back, though, Aunt Casey informs Miracle that she'll be living with her and Uncle Toole. Ugh.

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