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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 13

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 13

  • Miracle says goodbye to Gigi and Granddaddy Opal and moves back to Alabama to live with Uncle Toole and Aunt Casey. Their house is a wreck, just like it was the last time Miracle was there—the only difference is that the table has been cleared off to give Casey room to do her psychology homework.
  • Casey and Toole put Miracle in Casey's wig room, where she fits wigs for cancer patients. Miracle doesn't like sleeping there because she feels like all the eyeless wig heads are staring at her, but since living with Casey and Toole is supposed to be temporary, she decides she can handle it.
  • School isn't going well for Miracle. She gets in trouble because she erases her name off the board after her teacher puts it up for group creative writing projects. Her teacher is also frustrated with her because she is peculiar and doesn't follow directions.
  • Meanwhile, Toole and Casey are fighting because Toole wants to have a baby. He says that surviving the tornado made things really clear for him on this matter and that Casey isn't normal because she doesn't want one. Casey thinks he just wants something to tie her to the house, though, so he can go running around.
  • Casey's right—he is super restless—and she says he has attention deficit disorder and needs medication, though in fairness, she's pretty eager to try out her new psychology knowledge and diagnose people.
  • Casey tries to tell Miracle that Gigi isn't there and she doesn't need to wear purple anymore, but Miracle refuses to change her color scheme. She decides to give herself extra strength by wearing both purple and Dane's robe. Call her Super Miracle.

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