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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 14

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 14

  • Gigi surprises everyone by eloping to Greece with Eugene, who, as it turns out, is extremely wealthy. She writes Miracle a letter telling her about the wedding and a sanctuary they visited dedicated to a Greek healing god; she says she's sent Miracle something special in the mail.
  • Aunt Casey tells Miracle that they need to have a talk. With Gigi married, she'll be living in Tennessee with Eugene and there are so many problems with Granddaddy Opal's house insurance following the tornado that she and Toole have decided Miracle will live with them permanently.
  • Toole's moving business is booming and Casey has decided to go for a degree in psychology instead of just taking classes. As a result, Miracle is by herself most of the time. She dances and imagines that Dane and her mother are living in a parallel universe and that's why they haven't come back.
  • Miracle talks to Granddaddy Opal on the phone sometimes, but he sounds distracted and almost upset to be talking to her. As a result, she feels totally alone.
  • Gigi's package arrives at the end of the summer. It's a purple shawl and a book about love potions. Miracle decides to wear the shawl to school.
  • When some popular girls take an interest in it, she says that she has a supernatural gift passed through the women in her family and uses the shawl to do love ceremonies. She makes up an elaborate story about the rules and rituals of these ceremonies. Some girls make fun of her, but others seem genuinely interested.
  • At the end of the day, climbs on her bike to leave and sees a girl standing under a tree watching her. She gets the same feeling being stared at by her as she does from the wig heads at home. Creepy.

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