Study Guide

Dancing on the Edge Chapter 15

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 15

  • Miracle comes home, and immediately regrets telling the girls at school about her alleged love spells. To make things worse, the wig heads are interrogating her and asking what she knows about love. She tells them she knows more than they think because she knows the truth: Love doesn't exist.
  • She thinks that if anything proves the fact that love doesn't exist, it's Toole and Casey since they are fighting all the time. Toole says that Casey isn't the same woman he married since she started taking college classes and has changed too much, while she says Toole is stuck in the mind of a teenager and hasn't changed enough.
  • At school the next day, the popular girls approach Miracle about doing a love spell for them. They go under the bleachers of the track at school and Miracle makes up a ritual and magic words for casting a love spell to make a girl named Cara's crush fall in love with her.
  • Miracle knows this whole thing is dishonest, but doesn't careā€”for the first time, people aren't making fun of her or laughing or staring.

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