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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 16

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 16

  • Amazingly enough, Miracle's spell works and Cara's crush asks her to a dance. After that, she's majorly in business with all the girls at school—they all want her to do spells for them, too, so she makes them do whatever she tells them and pay her with candle bottles.
  • At first, things are going just fine with Miracle's spell business, but then she realizes that no one talks to her unless it's about spells. No one invites her to go anywhere, either, and it dawns on Miracle that she actually has no friends at all. People are just using her. Bummer.
  • To make things worse, Juleen Presque, the girl who was watching Miracle after school that first day, is practically stalking her. She's always staring at her and observing her spells. Miracle knows that Juleen knows the truth—that she's made it all up—and this just makes her more uncomfortable.
  • One day in the middle of the school year, Miracle gets sick and has to miss school. Aunt Casey makes her toast and tea and Miracle learns that Aunt Casey has actually lived in her house since she was a child—with Miracle's mother. In fact, Miracle's bedroom was their old room.
  • After Aunt Casey goes to work at her beauty shop, Miracle gets a surprise visitor: Juleen, who's arrived with her homework and a book of poetry she says Miracle will like. They sit up in Miracle's room and Juleen tells her some bad news: Everyone knows her spells are fake.
  • Here's what went down: Miracle told a girl named Melanie to dye her hair purple so her crush would notice her. Unfortunately, the dye made her hair fall out and her crush told her to go join the circus. Oops. Busted.
  • Juleen tells Miracle that she's always known she was a fake because her aunt used to contact the dead—until her powers were also proven to be fake and the family was disgraced. Miracle tries to defend Gigi by saying that her powers were real, but Juleen doesn't buy it. She says that magic is only real because people see what they want to see.

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