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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 2

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 2

  • The séance gang topples over each other to get to Dane's room in the basement. When Miracle opens the door, the room is lit up with glass bottles that have candles in their bottoms (Dane and Miracle light these for some sort of ceremony), and Dane's clothes are in a pile in his chair.
  • As you might expect, everyone is kind of freaking out. Gigi says Dane melted, while Toole gets all up in her face and tells her that's impossible. In a religious ritual, Gigi and Miracle get down on their knees and moan, trying to convince the spirits to bring Dane back.
  • Things get super confusing for Miracle after Dane vanishes, or melts, or whatever. First, Gigi is suspected of killing him, and then the local paper publishes a big story about Gigi practicing black magic. Things gets real when some people come to their house in the middle of the night with a torch and Gigi fires marbles from a slingshot at them.
  • Eventually, Gigi decides they have to leave. The town's on an honest-to-goodness witch-hunt and Miracle is getting teased about it at school—in fairness, it probably doesn't help that she's started wearing Dane's old bathrobe everywhere she goes.
  • Aunt Casey comes over to help them pack. She tells Miracle that Toole has been cheating on her and offers to cut Miracle's hair as a way to cheer them both up. Casey owns a beauty business and cuts hair for a living, as well as making wigs for cancer patients.

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