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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 20

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 20

  • Miracle's fellow patients call the yellow unit the "psycho ward." It definitely has a lot of strange rules—for instance, Miracle has to sleep in the day room under observation for her first two days, and they have a system where you can gain or lose points to earn privileges.
  • Miracle has her first session with Dr. DeAngelis during her second day on the unit. To her surprise and discomfort, Dr. DeAngelis has already spoken to Gigi, Toole, Casey, and Emmaline, and knows a lot about her from these conversations.
  • He doesn't, however, know as much as he'd like. Surprisingly, her family members know very little about her interests, passions, and favorite things. He also reviews the journey Miracle's been through since Dane disappeared: moving to Granddaddy Opal's, the tornado and heart attack (plus a second, nearly fatal heart attack we are just now learning about), and moving to Alabama with Aunt Casey. Wow. Miracle really has been through a lot.
  • Dr. DeAngelis says he thinks Miracle has gotten a pretty bad deal and that he's extremely upset. Miracle looks at him and can tell he really is angry.

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