Study Guide

Dancing on the Edge Chapter 21

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 21

  • The yellow unit isn't exactly the greatest environment for Miracle. Everyone likes to talk about the ways they hurt themselves, and some of her fellow patients even think taking drugs and cutting themselves are the best ways to deal with depression. They also make fun of Miracle because she won't talk about how she set herself on fire.
  • Miracle also spends a lot of time watching television—she's never had a TV before, and she finds the programs fascinating.
  • At her next appointment with Dr. DeAngelis, he tells her they're going to trade seats for the day. Miracle looks at the photos on his desk and sees that he has a wife and children.
  • Dr. DeAngelis asks her to draw a portrait of him. At first, Miracle is scared to because she's had art teachers criticize her drawings in the past for being disturbing, but finally, she gives in and does the assignment. Dr. DeAngelis says it's exactly what he wanted.
  • Aunt Casey brought Miracle the books Juleen brought to their house, and Miracle decides to read the poetry book. She reads the poem "I Am Nobody" by Emily Dickinson and cries out loud, feeling that for the first time, she can see her own reflection.

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