Study Guide

Dancing on the Edge Chapter 22

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 22

  • The nurses come to Miracle's room to find out why she's screaming, but she won't stop, so they call Dr. DeAngelis in, who tells her that she can either go to the nurse's station to be watched or come with him to his office. She agrees to go with him. Apparently, something about the poem finally has made her able to talk again.
  • Dr. DeAngelis tries to talk to her about why she screamed, but Miracle only keeps quoting the Emily Dickinson poem in response. Dr. DeAngelis can tell she relates to it and tries to get her to open up about her feelings, especially what caused her to set herself on fire.
  • Miracle, however, still doesn't remember the accident, and isn't open to talking about it. She says she is afraid of the things that are out there in the dark and doesn't want to see them.

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