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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 23

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 23

  • After Miracle talks with Dr. DeAngelis, the nurse gives her a sleeping pill. It's her first time sleeping through the night since she moved in with Casey and Toole, but she doesn't like it—she's scared the things that are after her are waiting for her to go to sleep.
  • Aunt Casey comes to visit. Miracle has earned enough points to go for a walk around the grounds with her, and Aunt Casey brings root beer and three kinds of sandwiches, since she has no idea what kind Miracle likes best. For the record, the way to our hearts is paved with three kinds of sandwiches.
  • Miracle still won't talk to her, but Casey understands. She tells Miracle that she's ashamed of how she ignored her problems when Miracle lived with them—although she was taking psychology classes, she couldn't see Miracle's problems, or maybe she just didn't want to.
  • She also tells Miracle that Toole left her to go live in Kentucky with the woman he was having an affair with and that he plans to start his own business. Casey gives it two months before Toole gets bored and moves on to the next thing.
  • Aunt Casey tells Miracle that they're going to have a session together with Dr. DeAngelis. She says she's taking a parenting class where they prescribe specific phrases you're supposed to use to assertively deal with children. The textbook, though, doesn't help in her relationship with Miracle; she wants to know what to do when someone won't talk to you.

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