Study Guide

Dancing on the Edge Chapter 25

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 25

  • Not surprisingly, Miracle doesn't take the possibility that her mother committed suicide very well—she leaves the appointment freaking out and the nurses give her more pills to take.
  • Miracle asks the night nurse if she can stay in the nurse's station for the night rather than sleep in her room because she doesn't want to be in the dark. She shows her the book of Emily Dickinson poems and says she promises to read and be quiet.
  • Miracle feels like Emily Dickinson is speaking directly to her. She feels safe reading her poems, and it brings to mind the feeling she got dancing to Emmaline singing "Amazing Grace" during the tornado. Eventually, she falls asleep.
  • She wakes up in her own bed the next morning and feels her legs the way she does every day, touching her burns. A memory of doing her wild dances at Gigi's comes to mind, and she wonders if there will ever be a time when she doesn't have scars.

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