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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 27

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 27

  • Sitting quietly in the office, Miracle fills in the blanks. She realizes that she has always known the truth about what happened to her mother—the events she imagined in her mind and the version Gigi told never matched up. Seriously—why else would someone just walk out in front of an ambulance?
  • Dr. DeAngelis says that Miracle's family may not have verbally told her the truth, but they did tell her with their actions, even with the things they didn't say. He tells Miracle they will talk together about this again, and gives her a notebook to write down her memories.
  • When Aunt Casey and Miracle leave his office, Casey tells her that she's been plagued with guilt ever since Sissy died. She felt like her suicide was her fault, and wanted so badly to know otherwise that she went to Gigi's séances to try to talk to her. Seeing Miracle used to torture her—she could tell from the time she was three that she had Sissy's body and was going to be a dancer.
  • Casey tells her that she now knows that Miracle isn't a punishment. Instead, she's an opportunity to love her sister's child and make something good out of the tragedy. She tells Miracle that she wants her in her life, but Miracle says that she doesn't want Casey, and runs to her room.

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