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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 28

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 28

  • In their therapy sessions, Dr. DeAngelis and Miracle continue to process the truth about Sissy's death. They tell the story over and over, the way Gigi used to, except they tell it the way it actually happened. Casey comes to the sessions even though Miracle doesn't want to see her. For her part, Casey says she refuses to give up on her.
  • As she talks about Sissy, Miracle realizes that what she really wants is to see Gigi. She feels like she has something she needs to tell her, but doesn't know what it is—she just wants to be with her, and feels that if she could do that, she'd feel safe again.
  • Dr. DeAngelis continues trying to get Miracle to talk about Dane, but she refuses to believe anything other than the story about him melting. She gets angry and outraged whenever Dr. DeAngelis brings him up.
  • Miracle even has a dream about Gigi. She dreams that Gigi is beckoning her to follow her, but ultimately leads her into a black darkness where Miracle isn't even sure she's there.
  • Then, one day, Gigi comes to visit. They go for a walk outside toward Gigi's van. Miracle thinks that Gigi is leaving already, but she says that Miracle has earned enough points that she can go on a trip with Gigi for the day.
  • Gigi begins to drive north and Miracle knows they are going to Tennessee. She tells Miracle that she is now an expert in healing powers because she was a healer in her past lives, so if Miracle comes home with her, she will be Gigi's first miracle cure. She says she's going to make the burns melt away. Oops—bad choice of words.
  • Miracle keeps telling Gigi that she believes in her, but the memories coming to her mind are telling her otherwise. She realizes for the first time that Gigi is really a phony and that she stopped believing in her the day Juleen told her so.
  • And then she remembers what happened the day she set herself on fire: She did it to prove not only that she was real, but that Gigi was, too—if Miracle melted, it would have to mean that Dane did, too. In the moment when the flames licked her legs, she believed that Gigi was a fake and that Dane hadn't melted.
  • She then confronts Gigi about her years of lies, and about reducing her mother from a dancer named Sissy to "the body of a dead woman." Miracle tells Gigi that she doesn't believe any of her magic anymore and asks for the truth about where Dane is. Gigi, however, continues to tell her that he melted.
  • Miracle lifts up her pant leg and shows Gigi her scars. She tells her that people don't melt—they just burn.

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