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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 29

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 29

  • Gigi refuses to look at the burns. Instead, she just keeps saying that Dane melted, as though pleading with Miracle to stay in her fantasy world with her. Miracle, however, can't do it. In the time she's been in the car with Gigi, she's remembered too much of the truth to keeping believing lies.
  • Specifically, Miracle realizes for the first time that she doesn't need Dane or Sissy to define who she is. In the past, she's felt like she needed her father so she could feel safe and know she was real, but now she knows she exists on her own without him.
  • There is a ton going on in Miracle's head, but being with Gigi is suppressing her thoughts. She knows she needs to get back to Dr. DeAngelis and Casey so they can help her work through them, so she asks Gigi to take her back to The Cedars—but Gigi refuses.
  • Miracle continues to demand that Gigi take her back, and then she realizes that this was what it must have been like for Dane when she forced him to go to the beach house and write. She confronts Gigi about this, saying that Dane never wanted to write; he wanted to be with Granddaddy Opal, building things and doing art projects.
  • Gigi still has no interest in hearing the truth, but Miracle won't stop assaulting her with it. She says that when she's with Casey and the staff at The Cedars, she's growing into becoming someone, but with Gigi, she'll always be nobody—just like how Dane felt.
  • Finally, Gigi pulls into a bus station and kicks Miracle out of the car. She says that she can go back to the hospital on her own and that Miracle is no good to her—Dr. DeAngelis has ruined her and she won't work for Gigi's healing methods.

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