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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 3

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 3

  • Aunt Casey cuts Miracle's hair to look like Dane's. Yeah, we know—not exactly the best way to make an impression when you're about to move to a new town. But it was at Miracle's request, so whatever.
  • Miracle remembers how before Dane melted, she used to do her homework in his basement room while he wrote, sometimes listening to the latest installments of his book. We also learn what the ceremony with the candle bottles was: When Dane's writing was going well, he and Miracle would light the candles and talk about the big celebration they'd have when the book was finished.
  • Gigi and Miracle leave and drive to Atlanta, Georgia, to live with Gigi's ex-husband, Granddaddy Opal. Okay, so that's weird, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and nothing screams desperate quite like moving in with your ex-husband.
  • There's a catch, though: She's not allowed to bring her voodoo stuff in the house.
  • Apparently, Gigi and Granddaddy Opal got divorced because of Dane; Dane always claimed that Gigi screwed up his life and that his father should have been the one to raise him, though.
  • Understandably, Miracle has a lot of anxiety about living with Granddaddy Opal—her reservations are only confirmed when he refuses to come out and greet them when they arrive. Also, Miracle and Gigi's room has a television in it, but it's broken, so the disappointments just keep coming.
  • About a week after they arrive, Gigi goes to a job interview and Miracle goes on a hunt for the key to the basement. She wants it because Dane's stuff is stored down there and she wants to set up a corner of the basement to look like his old room.
  • When she finds the key, she gets really excited and trips down the stairs. This is enough to gain Granddaddy Opal's attention and bring him out of hiding to finally greet her—not exactly the best way to meet your estranged grandfather.
  • Things promptly go from bad to worse as Granddaddy Opal tells Miracle that she isn't special, Gigi is a liar, and also that Miracle doesn't even exist because her mom was dead when she was born. Worst of all, Miracle believes him.

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